Ways To Support Howe

Howe Library is a treasure in our community made possible with donations from generous donors like you. Your support helps the library provide:

  1. extensive collections
  2. access to technology and training
  3. programs for all ages
  4. a gathering place for residents from the entire Upper Valley
  5. an invaluable community resource.


There are many ways that you can be part of the long tradition of philanthropic support for Howe Library:
Annual Fund Gifts
Donations to the Annual Fund support Howe Library programs, technology enhancements, building renovations, collections, and new initiatives. These funds are typically used in the year in which they are received. To make your gift even more special, you may dedicate your gift in honor of or in memory of a friend or loved one. You may make your tax-deductible gift through the website or with a check mailed to: Michelle Schembri, Development Coordinator, The Howe Library Corporation, 13 South Street, Hanover, NH 03755.
Stock gifts
Stock gifts are gratefully accepted and are an easy way to support Howe Library while also providing a tax benefit to you if you make a gift of appreciated securities. With this contribution, you can also avoid paying capital gains taxes that would have applied had you sold the shares yourself. Transfer instructions are here.
Monthly Giving Program
Instead of making a single gift once a year, you can make an automatic monthly contribution on a credit card or through your bank account - just like you pay for your Netflix subscription or utility bills. Your monthly contribution can be in any amount you choose, but most donors give $10 a month or more. Your monthly support will continue automatically unless you choose to change or cancel it. It's easy to sign up and as a monthly donor you will be providing support that funds programs and services at the library year round.

Qualified Charitable Distributions
Did you know you can make a contribution directly from your IRA to support the Howe Library and avoid income taxes on the distribution? If you are age 72 or older, under current IRS rules, you must take a required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA each year. Instead of receiving the distribution yourself, you can have the distribution paid directly to the Howe Library which counts toward your RMD and avoids the income tax liability that you would have incurred on the distribution. Qualified charitable distributions up to $100,000 may be counted toward your RMD. Please check with your tax advisor before undertaking any qualified charitable distribution.

Community Sponsorship Program
Local businesses, foundations, and individuals can donate to the Howe as part of the Community Sponsorship Program. This is a way for companies to support the diverse range of community programming and services provided by the library, while receiving recognition throughout the year. Levels of sponsorship start at $500 through $10,000. Sponsors are given a range of benefits depending on their level of participation. A list of benefits can be found here. Those interested in the program should contact Michelle at howetogive@thehowe.org.

Endowment Gifts
Gifts to the endowment help to maintain the long-term financial stability of The Howe Library Corporation and ensure that we are able to offer valuable and exciting programs and services well into the future. You can invest in the library’s future with a gift to the endowment.

Bequests – Emily’s Legacy Society
Giving to The Howe Library Corporation through your estate is your opportunity to pass on the legacy “to the remotest generation” – the expressed wish of Emily Howe when dedicating the original library building in 1900. Emily’s Legacy Society was formed in 1912 with a gift from Emily Howe. You can become a member of Emily’s Legacy Society by naming Howe Library in your will with a simple bequest or by naming Howe as a beneficiary on your life insurance, pension plan, or IRA. Please remember Howe the next time you update your will, and notify us when you do, so that your name can be listed along with Emily’s.

Ruth's BRuth Sylvesterequest
Ruth loved being alive. She was active and “very in the moment,” remembers her longtime partner, Elfie. She enjoyed good company and had many varied interests, but when it came time to focus, she did that too. Because she did, the Howe Library will forever remember Ruth Sylvester as a one of its most steadfast patrons.

Ruth was adventurous, with a wide range of passions including travel, music and the outdoors. She had a variety of vocations throughout her life and in her later years channeled her love of words and language as she wrote extensively for local newspapers and edited several books by local authors.

Not surprisingly, Ruth loved books and reading and considered the Howe Library one of her favorite places. She knew most of the librarians by name and thought of the library as one of Hanover's greatest assets. She would often check out books for pleasure and research only to return them many days late, which gave her the opportunity to happily pay numerous late fees that she considered to be gifts to the Howe Library.

Toward the end of her life, after she learned that she had contracted a terminal disease, Ruth wanted to do something good for the community that was her home. In her will, she left a generous bequest to that institution that had meant so much to her over the years, the Howe Library. As her partner, Elfie, recalled, knowing what her gift would support after she was gone pleased Ruth very much.


Suggested language for a simple, unrestricted bequest: 
“I give to the Trustees of The Howe Library Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation duly existing under the laws of the State of New Hampshire, and located in Hanover, in said State, ____dollars($____) (alternate language: ___% of my residuary estate) to be used for the benefit of The Howe Library Corporation as the Trustees thereof may direct.”
We encourage you to consult your lawyer, family members, and other financial advisors when considering any planned charitable gifts.

For questions about giving to the Howe Library Corporation please contact Michelle Schembri, Development Coordinator, at howetogive@thehowe.org or 603-640-3260.