Howe Staff

Our helpful staff is available to assist you! Please e-mail us, call or stop by!

Rubi Simon – Director • 603-640-3251

Janice Grady – Facilities Manager • 603-640-3250

Peggy Bellerive – Development Coordinator • 603-640-3260

Questions? E-mail us!
Megan Coleman
Jared Jenisch
Tessa Johnson
Samantha Milnes
Mike Morris
Jordan Russell

Sondra VanderPloeg – Circulation Manager • 603-640-3262
Charlotte Bernini
Avery Brooks
Lisa Burtan
Pat Cook
Kirsten Giebutowski
Sam Glueck
Lauren Miller
Mehriban Ramanova
Kelly Sennott
Amelia Talbert
Eric Ticehurst

Pamela Soren Smith – Assistant Director • 603-640-3257
Peter Appleton
Polly Gould
Amelia Talbert

Lauren Cockerill – Youth Services Manager • 603-640-3254
Kimberly Baker – Teen Librarian • 603-640-3264
Gary Barton
Kate Bass
Cynthia Taylor

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