Howe Library Corporation

The Howe Library Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose purpose is to provide for the programs and collections of the Howe Library.

Since 1899, the Howe Library Corporation has been passionately invested in the life of the Howe Library. The Corporation and its strong base of supporters, otherwise known as Corporation Members, continue to provide an essential network of financial support for the core services of the library.

The Corporation is made of more than 300 elected members who champion the library and demonstrate leadership in the community. Besides attending the Annual Meeting and Corporation events, members make an annual donation and serve on committees that provide energy and direction for the work of the Corporation.

The Board of Trustees are Corporation Members who are elected to manage and oversee the assets, activities, and policies of the Corporation as well as offer guidance to the library. With the exclusion of the Select Board Representative and the Library Director, each Board Trustee serves an appointed term, with the option to be reelected.

Board Trustees, 2022-2023
Stan Colla
Keri Craft
Carolyn Dever
Jeffrey Harris, Treasurer
Laura Larrick, Vice Chair
Jennifer Rickards, Chair
Irasema Saucedo
Barbara Spaid, Secretary
Janice Starkey
Tracy Walsh
Debra Williamson
Nancy Carter, Select Board Representative
Rubi Simon, Library Director

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact Peggy Bellerive, Development Coordinator, at or at 603-640-3260 for more information about the Corporation.

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