Our Staff by Department

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Rubi Simon 603-640-3251

Office Manager
Janice Grady  603-640-3250

Development Coordinator      
Michelle Schembri  603-640-3260

Adult Services
Peter Appleton
Marilyn Blight
Megan Coleman
Jared Jenisch
Mike Morris

Technical Services
Pamela Soren Smith* Asst. Director 603-640-3257
Polly Gould
Mary Ryan
Amelia Talbert
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Rachel Donegan 603-640-3264

*Indicates Department Heads

Youth Services
Denise Reitsma* 603-640-3254
Gary Barton
Mary Lockhart
Kate Root
Cynthia Taylor

Circulation Services              
Sondra VanderPloeg * 603-640-3262
Charlotte Bernini
Pat Cook
Kirsten Giebutowski
Sam Glueck
Frances Hinck
Stephanie McAndrew
Rhys Morris
Ann Schofield
Kelly Sennott
Amelia Talbert
Eric Ticehurst