Howe Library remains closed to the public. You may now return your items in the book drops.   Loan periods have been extended and fines have been suspended.   Please see our Phased Restoration of Services Plan for our current level of service. 
Loan periods and fines for Howe and Etna Libraries

Material Type Loan Period    
New books
New DVDs
Other DVDs
Other books & CDs
Art prints
Expand Your World Collection

Library materials may be renewed
two times, except for items with holds.

Museum Passes Only:
See museum pass information
  Fee for non-pickup   $5.00
  Late fee                       $5.00/day
  Fee for lost pass        $20.00

2 weeks
1 week
2 weeks
2 weeks
3 weeks
6 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks


$  .10/day
$  .10/day
$  .10/day

You Can Avoid Late Fees!
These two services will help keep your account fines-free: