Loan periods for Howe and Etna Libraries:

Material Type Loan Period      
New books
New DVDs
Other DVDs
Other books & CDs
Art prints
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Library materials may be renewed
two times, except for items with holds.

Museum Passes Only:
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  Fee for non-pickup   $5.00
  Late fee                       $5.00/day

2 weeks
1 week
2 weeks
2 weeks
3 weeks
8 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks

Claims Returned:
When library users report they have returned an item that the library circulation system indicates is still checked out to them, the loan will be renewed for three weeks to allow for thorough searching. The following steps will be taken:

  • If the item is not found on the shelf, a thorough search of the library will be undertaken, and the library user will be asked to look for the item again.
  • If the item is not found during the 3-week renewal period and the library user still claims it was returned, the item will be set to “Claims Returned” in the library circulation system. Borrowing privileges will not be affected at this time.

After 3 weeks on “Claims Returned” (six weeks of searching for the item) the Head of Circulation will determine a resolution, ruling in favor of the library user if the fate of the item cannot be clearly determined.

The Library reserves the right to track the number of “Claims Returned” reports made by a user within a given time period and take this information into account if this claim is made repeatedly.

Claims Never Checked Out:
As in cases of “claims returned,” if the fate of an item cannot be clearly determined, the library will generally rule in favor of the library user.

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