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Tuesday, October 12th
Shiner: A Novel
by Amy Jo Burns

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Fifteen-year-old Wren’s father, Briar, is a snake-handling preacher, a legend in their Appalachian village. Briar keeps Wren close to their rude home on the mountain; indeed, she is almost cloistered. As for her mother, Ruby, she needs only two things in life: bread and Ivy, her best friend since they were seven. The two women love each other, but the question is: Are they in love. There is no doubt, however, that the local moonshiner, Flynn, is in love with Ruby and has been since they were young. The great sadness in his life is that she married Briar, who was his best friend. Briar’s legend is enhanced when Ivy catches fire, and he heals her. Can he truly work miracles? These are only the bare bones of this gorgeously written, plot-rich novel that examines the complex lives of these five beautifully realized characters. The novel is, of course, about what happens to them, but it is also about the lives of women and their fraught relations with men; being set in Appalachia, it is no surprise that the novel is also about story and its gradual morphing into legend. The tone of the novel is melancholy, and things happen that exacerbate that mood, but everything is perfectly apposite. This memorable first novel is exceptional in its power and imagination. It’s clearly a must-read. -Booklist starred review


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