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Tuesday, August 10th
The Chicken Sisters
by KJ Dell'Antonia

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Rival fried chicken restaurants Mimi’s and Frannie’s have been staples of a small Kansas town since 1886. Initially run by sisters, the restaurants become even more intertwined when Amanda, daughter of the owner of Mimi’s, marries the son of Frannie’s owner. Forbidden to ever enter Mimi’s again after the marriage, Amanda instead works for Frannie’s. Though she was widowed young, Amanda is happy if restless. This uneasiness causes her to apply for Food Wars, a reality TV show that pits rival restaurants against each other. When Food Wars picks them, Amanda is ecstatic. She is less than happy with the reappearance of her sister Mae. Mae was just fired from her own reality show, Sparkling. Mae is hoping that an appearance on Food Wars will be her ticket back to TV, and she throws herself into helping Mimi win. As the sisters battle, old wounds resurface, and secrets they hoped to hide from the cameras are revealed. Chicken Sisters is a charming first novel about family, regrets, and second chances. Dell’Antonia deftly deals with issues of mental illness, marriage troubles, and dreams deferred, all the while telling a funny satire of reality TV. An utter delight from start to finish. -Booklist starred review

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