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Golden HillTuesday, September 11th
History of Wolves

by Emily Fridlund


Fraught with foreboding, Fridlund's first novel is the story of 14-year-old Linda, who lives with her erstwhile cult-member parents in a cabin in the northern Minnesota woods. When new neighbors, the Gardners, move into their summer cottage across the lake, Linda becomes babysitter for their five-year-old son and an increasingly large presence in their lives--and they in hers. In the meantime, her new history teacher, Mr. Grierson, has been found to possess child pornography and is fired, but not before he has an alleged affair with one of Linda's classmates, the beautiful Lily with whom Linda is fascinated. The novel moves backward and forward in time to good effect, showing us the enigmatic adult Linda will become. The isolated setting reinforces a theme of loneliness that pervades the book and lends it an often bleak, even desolate, air that reinforces the uncertain, nagging knowledge that something is wrong with the Gardners. The writing is beautiful throughout ("the sun broke over the treetops, turning every surface into a flat knife of light"; a man is stubborn "like a stain") and is a triumph of tone and attitude. Lovers of character-driven literary fiction will embrace this one.  - Booklist, starred review

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History of WolvesUp next in October:
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by Anne Marie O'Connor


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