Our Staff by Department

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Rubi Simon 603-640-3251

Office Manager
Janice Grady  603-640-3250

Development Coordinator      
Michelle Schembri  603-640-3260

Adult Services
Joanne Blais* 603-640-3253
Peter Appleton
Marilyn Blight
Megan Coleman
Jared Jenisch
Mike Morris

Technical Services
Pamela Soren Smith* 603-640-3257
Polly Gould
Mary Ryan
Amelia Talbert

*Indicates Department Heads

Youth Services
Denise Reitsma* 603-640-3254
Gary Barton
Mary Lockhart
Kate Root
Cynthia Taylor

Circulation Services              
Gary Barton
Charlotte Bernini
Marilyn Blight
Susan Borotz
Jan Chapman
Jane Collins
Pat Cook
Sam Glueck
Frances Hinck
Kathy Menard
Celeste Pfeiffer
Ann Schofield
Amelia Talbert
Eric Ticehurst
Zuzana Woods