Share Your Howe Stories With Us!

Everyone has their own story of what Howe Library means to them. Whatever your story, we are grateful that you consider Howe Library an important part of your life.

We'd love to hear your 'Howe story'. Please reach out and share a bit about what makes the Howe special to you at:

Helen's Story
Helen had signed up her son, Tony, for the “Make, Invent, and Code” course because it looked like fun. Tony wasn’t so sure at first, but Rachel Donegan’s creativity and patience drew him in. Tony’s confidence grew significantly as he participated and presented his work to the class.
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Nancy's Story
As the pandemic wore on, Nancy was feeling isolated; her life was passing by, but she was sidelined. Then she read about Jared Jenisch’s “Read Shakespeare Out Loud” program and decided to try it. She loved being out of her “comfort zone” with others who were supportive and committed to having fun doing something new.
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Alessandra's Story

I am so grateful for my experience with the Howe Library ESL group; it was transformational. I now feel comfortable communicating with native English speakers, and I look forward to being with them.
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Deb N's Story
"I cannot say “thank you” enough to the library team. During the pandemic, I solved mysteries, traveled widely, escaped reality, explored social challenges, and fell in love with new authors. My soul was sustained by the books I read...
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Sheila's Story

Sheila Harvey Tanzer didn’t always know she had a story to tell. In fact, she didn’t know it for most of her life. When she finally realized it was a story that only she could tell, she relied on an old friend to help her write it: the Howe Library.
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RuRuth Sylvesterth's Story - Her Bequest
Not surprisingly, Ruth also loved books and reading and considered the Howe Library one of her favorite places. She knew most of the librarians by name and thought of the library as one of Hanover's greatest assets.
Thank you, Ruth, for remembering the Howe with your generous and meaningful gift.
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Deb L's Story
When the pandemic hit the Upper Valley, and life was turned upside-down, Deb discovered just how much the book group had come to mean to her. Human interaction had become restricted, and the Howe Library had to close its building, but the staff quickly adapted to the "new normal." Curb-side pick-up services were initiated, and the book group became virtual as “Zooming” enabled it to continue meeting monthly.
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