Home Delivery & Accessibility

Volunteers are available to deliver materials to home bound residents of Hanover.
You may place items on hold by logging into your account here, then search the catalog. 
Or, if you prefer, we will select materials for you.

  For people who are blind or have low vision:
Large print materials for adults
Audio and e-audio books for all ages
Optelec color video magnifier enlarges text from books, magazines and newspapers, plus maps, photographs and other images
Magnifiying glasses are available at the circulation desk

  For people who hearing impaired
Sound amplification in the large meeting room

  For people who have a motor disability
Designated hanidcapped parking spaces
Automatic doors
Accessible restrooms
Walker in the front lobby

The New Hampshire State Library and the Vermont State Library offer special services to persons with disabilities. The New Hampshire Talking Books program exists to meet the reading needs and interests of New Hampshire residents who are physically unable to see, handle or process printed material comfortably. The Vermont Department of Libraries, Special Services Division (800-479-1711) oversees the talking books program in Vermont

         If Home Delivery Will Work for You
          Photo by Molly Drummond
          E-mail Peter or call 643-4120