Albert Kilchesty in person
Ciné Salon: Beyond The Bubble: Movies During Covid-19
Ciné Salon Fall 2020 explores with experts in cinema the new world order of virtual streaming.

Wit and whimsy define Terry Cannon, the gregarious cultural activist. His odd but engaging art-life-library projects, too numerous to list here, include the popular The Baseball Reliquary Shrine of Eternals, Pasadena Filmforum, and Skinned Knuckles, each honored individuals inhabiting the fringes of mass culture.

“Celebrating 50th anniversary of Dock Ellis' LSD no-hitter.” The Baseball Reliquary

FILMS: Sins of the Fleshapoids (1965, 43 mins.) Mike Kuchar with selection of short clips, music and commentary. TRT 120 mins.

BIO: Albert Kilchesty Is a writer, musician, performer, art midwife, cultural historian and all-around good guy who once upon a time was intimately involved in the production, exhibition, teaching and advocacy of moving-image art.


SPECIAL ONGOING ATTRACTION: Search and discover a wealth of cinema memorabilia at the MBC Interactive Archive, a
Knight Arts Challenge Award winning project curated by Dana Keith.


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