Nat Chediak in person
Ciné Salon: Beyond The Bubble: Movies During Covid-19 
Ciné Salon Fall 2020 explores with experts in cinema the new world order of virtual streaming.

Six-time Grammy-winning Jazz Latino music producer, Nat Chediak is the legendary cofounder-director of the Miami Film Festival and numerous Miami art cinemas. Beginning in 1971, Chediak screened first for Americans the films by Almodovar, Wenders, Tavernier, Hallstrom, Egoyan, Wargnier, Trueba, Kirastami, and many more.

FILMS: Selection of pixs, film clips and music with discussion. TRT 120 mins.

BIO: Natalio “Nat” Chediak, a native of Havana, has operated a number of important Miami movie theaters since 1972, currently programming the Coral Gables Art Cinema. He is an authority of Jazz Latino and author of Diccionario de Jazz Latino (1998).


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