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Paul Young in person
Ciné Salon: Legends
Ciné Salon Spring 2020 honors the bold ones.

Paul Young in person
Culture critic Paul Young will read from his autobiographic 2016 book Frank Miller's Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism and discuss the controversy “If Marvel movies aren’t cinema, what are they?” Audience participation encouraged.

“A childhood fan of Miller’s Daredevil, Young takes readers on a personal journey as he seeks to reconcile his love for the comic with his distaste for the fascistic overtones of Miller’s controversial later work [The Dark Night Returns, Sin City, 300].” —

FILMS: Selected clips and slides accompany the reading and group discussion. TRT 120 mins.

BIO: Paul Young, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Film and Media Studies, Dartmouth College, is a lifelong comic book aficionado. His scholarly works as a culture critic and professor combine analyses of the mechanics of film, naturalist literature, and comics with cross-cultural and intermedial critique. Since 2015 he has joined his brother, Tim Young, in producing a bi-weekly podcast called To the Batpoles! which reviews episodes of the 1966 Batman TV show, analyzes “camp” and 1960s U.S. culture, and considers its legacy in cinema, comics and other media.


SPECIAL SERIAL ATTRACTIONS: Seances plays at end of each session, except 3/9.

“Hundreds of billions of unique permutations. “ —Guy Maddin  

FILM: Seances (2016) by Guy Maddin, the Brothers Johnson, National Film Board of Canada. Featuring Udo Kier, Geraldine Chaplin, Charlotte Rampling and many others. Digital interactive computer video, bw & color, sound, each 10-20 mins.


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