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Company TownCompany Town
By Madeline Ashby

"In Ashby’s kinetic and original science-fiction thriller, a corporate heir’s bodyguard contends with time-traveling assassins, nanobot-assisted serial murders, and (only a bit incongruously) falling in love. Hwa is used to being overlooked by people in New Arcadia, a city built on an oil rig floating off the Canadian Maritimes coast. Lacking bioengineered enhancements, she’s the only fully organic person on the rig-burg, but not by choice: her pitiless mother won’t pay for them, even to cure Hwa’s seizure disorder. After years of martial-arts training, Hwa is a skilled fighter with a steady job protecting unionized sex workers. When she takes a job guarding the youngest heir to the Lynch corporate empire that owns New Arcadia, she finds their dazzling world hides many dangers, from jealous siblings to post-Singularity future AI. Meanwhile, a serial killer stalks Hwa’s sex-worker friends in a plot that may be connected to the Lynch family. Despite a confusing, underdeveloped wrap-up, this is a fascinating mix of detective noir and near-future sf with cinematic world building and a broken but resilient, unquestionably badass heroine." —Krista Hutley, Booklist