Tosh Berman in person
Ciné Salon: Freefall
Ciné Salon Spring 2021 fathoms the new world order we all now inhabit via online media.

Son Tosh Berman will approach his father’s art, the "father of assemblage art" Beat Generation icon Wallace Berman, with a deep-dive into the experimental collage film Aleph (1958-1976), a meditation on life, death, mysticism, politics and pop culture.

FILMS: Aleph (1958-1976) Wallace Berman 7:43’ and a restored film by one Berman’s art world contemporareis. TRT 120 minutes.

BIO: Tosh Berman, writer, poet and once publisher of TamTam Books, penned the acclaimed memoir Tosh: Growing up in Wallace Berman’s World (2019).

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