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It’s Spring!

Its spring! That means walks in the woods and strolls along roadsides and fields. Turn to the Go Botany! website for all your plant identification questions and the Smithsonian Science News for all about ticks. And if the news of the day has you down, check out Upworthy, for meaningful, compelling stories.


Go Botany!

Sponsored by the New England Wildflower Society, this is the “go to” website for identifying New England plants. Identify over 3,000 New England plants using the Full Identification Search by family, genera, or species. Also learn about subspecies and varieties native to our region. The simple or advanced ID tools are designed to be used by beginners or professionals. Really stumped? Log in and ask their ace botanists using the Ask a Botanist feature.


How Do Ticks… Tick?

Along with spring come warnings about ticks. What do you know about these arachnids with the bad reputation? Did you know that there is a U.S. National Tick Collection? Did you know that there are desert-living ticks that chase their hosts across hot sand? … or that there are some that have antifreeze proteins that enable them to live in Antarctica? Read about this and more in this Smithsonian Science News article.



Upworthy is a website for viral content that draws attention to important issues, focusing on “content that educates and inspires while being as rich and compelling as the best viral videos on the web.”  Sometimes a piece of content goes even further, creating real, measurable impact. They aim to be “social media with a mission” Recent posts include “Can you do a quick thing to help nearly a million kids in Nepal survive the earthquake aftermath?” and “8 student confessions that make me think differently about money – and merit” A refreshing break from most news sources.

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