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What’s a MOOC?

What's a MOOC?

MOOC [mook]. A massive, open, online course. Take courses from some of the most prominent universities and businesses in the world. No admission requirements, no cost, attend online. To get you started, we’ve included a review of “the big three,” Coursera, Udacity and Edx with links to all three websites. Education, 21st century-style!


The Best MOOC Provider: A Review of Coursera, Udacity and Edx



How about a course offered by the Museum of Modern Art, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the World Bank or the University of Copenhagen? Offering a large number of courses over a broad range of fields, there is something for everyone here. Educators take note; Cousera has developed a specialty in professional development for teachers.  Evolution: A course for Educators? The Land Ethic Reclaimes: Perceptive Hunting, Aldo Leopold, and Conservation? An Introduction to Global Health?



edX offers a few selections in almost every field that a university would offer, with an emphasis on the sciences, technology and medicine. This is the place if you are interested in statistics and medicine. edX hosts classes from elite universities and liberal arts colleges in the US, along with a significant number of schools in Asia. They also have partnerships with The International Monetary Fund and the Linux Fund. How about Light Spike and Sight: The Neuroscience of Vision from MIT or Vocal Recording Technology  from Berklee College of Music?



Concentrating on courses that provide specific skills for workplace readiness, Udacity is great for computer science and coding.  One of their most popular classes is “How To Build A Startup.” Thinking about changing positions but need some extra training? How to find the time? Move at your own pace.  Udacity caters to self-directed students. With partners such as Georgia Institute of Technology and Google, they offer courses such as Intro to Point & Click App Development, Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Intro to Data Science.