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Have you read "A Walk in the Woods"?

We hope you read or perhaps reread A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, our 2015 Everyone is Reading selection. We love this book not only because it makes us laugh, but because it is well written and we always learn something new when Bryson is telling the story. Consider downloading the audiobook. Bryson is the narrator. Need we say more?



Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The availability of electronic devices and information has exploded since Bryson and Katz attempted the AT. Check out the amount and kind of information now available to hikers on this well designed website from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.


Bear Smart

Bryson definitely had a case of “bear anxiety.” Learn about best practices for avoiding human-bear conflict. This western Canadian organization has developed policies, information and guidelines for helping individuals and communities understand and co-exist with the local bear population. Don’t miss the Howe Library program with local black bear expert, Ben Kilham, Wednesday, 9/9, 7PM.


Bill Bryson’s Official Website

Did you find author, Bill Bryson’s storytelling hilarious?  Bryson has proven himself to be a master storyteller of serious and not so serious topics. Check out his website to learn more about older titles or his latest. Watch the ABC News interview as he talks about having Robert Redford play him in the movie adaptation of A Walk in the Woods. You’ll find copies of most all of Bryson’s books at Howe Library.