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Give the Perfect Gift!

The gift of a book. It’s the perfect gift, in the opinion of us at Howe Library. But, it has to be the right book. With no shortage of published books, the task of choosing can seem overwhelming.  Here are a few helpful hints to guide your holiday shopping.


  • Browse Howe’s new book shelves for ideas.  We choose our books carefully, using professional reviews. For the hipster, cook, outdoors lover, mystery reader, history buff, political junkie, puzzler, gardener, new homeowner or literature lover on your list. Here are a few ideas from us.



  • Bestseller lists.  Perfect for the person who likes to read the hot new books. These are books that have sold well.  NYTimes


  • Ask Us!  No one loves to talk about books more than we do! We read about books, buy books and we talk about books all the time.