Eternity Film Series

THE ASCENT (1977) by Larisa Shepitko, 111 mins. 
Larrisa Sheptiko crafted one of the most harrowing anti-war films of all times. Winner of the Golden Bear at the 1977 Berlin Film Festival, The Ascent follows two starving soldiers on a trek of betrayal, heroism, and ultimate transcendence. Shepitko’s first films Wings (1966) details the travails of a decorated fighter pilot from the glory days of World War II that oddly mimes Wellman’s Wings (1927) screened on January 28.   
FILMS: The Ascent / Восхождение (1977) Larisa Shepitko, 35mm, bw, snd, 111 min. English subtitles. 
“Rich in moral complexities and spiritual underpinnings, filmed with a blend of brutal realism and a lyricism that at crucial moments passes into pure abstraction.”  Dave Kehr, New York Times 
THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1921-23) by Alexandre Volkoff 
Produced for sophisticated adult audiences, the 10-episode French serial La Maison du mystère showcases the imaginative talents of Parisian White Russian émigré actor Ivan Mosjoukine. The involved plot centers around Julien Villandrit (Mosjoukine) and his star-crossed courtship to Régine (Hélène Darly), that inspires bitterness and jealousy in Henri (Charles Vanel), Julien's long-time associate and secret rival in love. Extremely beautiful 35mm restoration is enhanced by a brilliant new music score of Neil Brand. 
FILM: The House of Mystery / La Maison du mystère (1921-23) Alexandre Volkoff, Chapter 2 The Secret of the Pond / Le Secret de l'etang, 30 min. English intertitles. 
Total running time: 141 mins. 
Note: The House of Mystery shown over multiple evenings. 
House of Mystery
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