Cine Salon's Fall series focuses on French multi-media artist Chris Marker.

All That Heaven Allows

Double Feature 7:00 / 8:30 p.m.
Special Note for Double Features:
• 1st program begins 7:00p.m.
• 2nd program begins 8:30p.m. – Enter via lower level door between 8:15-8:30p.m.

Romances: Small-town New Englanders vs. Parisian city dwellers vie for each filmmaker’s special attentions. Hollywood melodrama maven Douglas Sirk splashes colors all over the screen, and Marker makes salient commentary dedicated to M. Chat, the beloved graffiti art plastered all over Paris.

FILM: All That Heaven Allows (1955) Douglas Sirk. / Homage aux Chat Perchés/Tribute to Cats Perched (2012); Chats Perchés (2004). Total running time: 150 mins.


Cine Salon Fall 2017: Chris Marker

Celebrated French multi-media artist Chris Marker invites you on an in-depth tour of his work, led by his longtime guide, Guillaume-en-Egypt, a grinning orange cat who pops up to assist your travels. Unless otherwise noted, all films are by Chris Marker in French with English subtitles or translations.
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