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Golden HillTuesday, August 14th
Golden Hill: A Novel of Old New York

by Francis Spufford


Spufford's (Red Plenty, 2012) spirited "novel of Old New York," playfully rendered in simulated eighteenth-century prose, pays homage to the literature of the colonial era. Young, charismatic Smith arrives from London to relatively small New York City in 1746 with a huge check to cash and only deflections for those who might inquire about his past or purposes. While waiting for his funds to clear, he rambles about, drinking lots of coffee and ordering large breakfasts on credit. Before long, however, he finds trouble by falling in love with his creditor's complicated daughter, bumbling into messy intrigues, and getting beat up. The New World turns out to be a violent place, and it's not clear Smith will survive the week, much less see the fortune he has come to collect. True to his inspiration, the novels of Henry Fielding and his ilk, Spufford's action is fast, and plot twists abound. Readers bounce through chases, courtrooms, brawls, debtors' prison, and a momentous steam-room sex scene, and it's all great fun. But most pleasurable is the prose itself, which is clever, silly, and perceptive, somehow managing to seem perfectly historically calibrated while poking fun at itself for such efforts. A virtuoso literary performance.  - Booklist, starred review

History of WolvesUp next in September:
History of Wolves
by Emily Fridlund


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