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Current Display

Ledyard Gallery:

                                  Que Sera      
                                                   Que Sera by Naomi Hartov

Mindscapes by Naomi Hartov.

Saturday, September 27 through Wednesday, October 29

Artist Naomi Hartov writes:
I was inspired to try collage by an exhibit of collages at my place of work, that spoke to me at a very deep level. The pieces were filled with wry humor and fascinating imagery. Here was an art, I thought, with which a person who hadn’t previously considered herself an artist, could express herself in an artistic way. For most of my life, I had not considered myself “artistic” in any way.

I approach collage-making as one approaches a jigsaw puzzle, picking up random pieces I’ve hand cut from magazines, catalogues, calendars, etc., moving them around until I find where they “fit,” and then gluing them into place. I love to juxtapose disparate images and play with light and perspective. It is a subliminal process, through which surprising “stories” can emerge. I am often taken completely by surprise by the results. I especially enjoy hearing other people’s interpretations of what they see in my collages. They frequently see “meaning” in my work that I, myself, could not have verbalized. The recycling aspect of the process is also very important to me. I am fascinated by the notion of producing art from materials that would otherwise be considered trash.

Many people have looked at my collages and immediately assumed that they were done by computer. Each one of my collages is an original work of art, created by the old-fashioned method of cut and paste, not the digital method.

This current show features many works not shown before. They reflect moods and reactions to events that emerged as I perused my stash of images.Thus the title of the show, “Mindscapes.”  

I can be contacted through my website, www.naomihartov.com, or by e-mail at www.nhartov@yahoo.com.   
Naomi Hartov

Wilderness Act Logo

Special Display: Photographic exhibit of Vermont and New Hampshire wilderness areas.

During 2014 Americans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the 1964 act of Congress that created a new, higher level of protection for our nation's federal public lands. A photographic exhibit featuring some of Vermont and New Hampshire's wilderness areas will be on display at Howe Library July 30 through September 30. The photos can be found in the periodical section of the library. Click here for more information.

Display Cases in October:
Cafe Area Case & Teen Area Case: Janet M. Daniels' Haiti Quilt Project.

We're looking for more people to exhibit in our gallery and display cases! E-mail howetogive@thehowe.org for more information about the Ledyard Gallery or e-mail ann.schofield@thehowe.org if you are interested in the display cases.

Ledyard Gallery in November: Oils and pencil by Jean Gerber

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