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1,000 Books

The single most important thing you can do to prepare your children to read is to read to them every day. Research proves that children need to hear 1000 books before they begin to learn to read independently. Reading to children will increase their vocabulary and their listening and narrative skills. Reading with children will also help to instill in them self-awareness, confidence and an understanding of their place in the world.
Howe Library has had our 1,000 Books program since 1998.  We purchased 100 bags of books from 2 language arts teachers in New York who had the idea of reading 1,000 books to preschoolers before kindergarten.  The idea has been picked up nationally and many libraries now have this program.

WHAT COUNTS?  Families can check out book bags or do a combination of bags and individual books. 

WHERE CAN I SIGN UP? Sign up at the Children’s Desk.  We will give you sheets to help you keep count of the first 100 books and the bags you check out. When you finish reading 100 books, come back to the library for another sheet.  We will keep a folder for each family to keep track until the goal of 1,000 is reached. We will celebrate all who finish reading 1000 books with special recognition and a prize.

WHEN: Today! Register anytime when your child is between birth and five years old.

It’s one of the best gifts you will ever give your child…and yourself!

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